“The work I produce is inspired by the palimpsest of Caribbean culture. Ignoring the Caribs and Arawaks, the colonisers, Spanish, Dutch and English, traded people from India and Africa. My family was part of this. Sometimes the work I make is artistic, from Caribbean and colonial themes, other with very clear stories to create access. I use syncreticism, hiding images and forms with one another, like nesting Russian dolls.       A simple example: the triangle is a resonant symbol with slavery and the LBGTQ+ people.”

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London viewed through African Eyes

I wanted to create a different cultural view of London that could also work as a parade element. The clean and crisp graphic approach of the Ndbele artists seemed a perfect fit - London filtered through African eyes. We invited the artists Betty Baby Masanabo, Isa Slinga Kabeni and Nontile Leah Msiza who for a two-month period, saw and sketched London and produced these strong icons of Tower Bridge and the London Eye.