Why I don't believe in e-miracles

As Easter approaches and Christian countries remember the life and miracles of their spiritual guru, I wonder if instant business success is not as unbelievable as turning water into wine.

I come across articles and interviews where we are casually told how someone had an idea while gardening, breast feeding or doing yoga. Then, almost without realizing, it turns into a prosperous e-commerce business. It does surprise me because now, that I'm on this online business adventure, I fully realize that a shop online is not as easy a ride as it may first appear.

There is the fun stuff like taking photos, making videos or deciding the look of your web. But in addition to this there are refund policies to write, payment methods to consider, packaging options that help keep the prices down and the unpacking experience up, endless columns of fees from different shipping companies, working the social media (regardless of your views on it), more pics, more photoshop, more writing blog posts....

But thinking that something will be easier than it actually is may be a good thing. I first approached yoga thirteen years ago believing it would be an easy way to keep fit and healthy. It was not. Now I have a beneficial and solid practice but only after dedicating a considerable amount of time, effort and yes, money.

Happy Easter to everyone!

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