Walk Of Shame to the Tapestry of Creation

From time to time we go to the cathedral in Girona to be awed by its atmosphere and architecture. This landmark was the chosen setting for the infamous Walk Of Shame (Game of Thrones if you wonder) and it also houses a jewel called the Tapestry of Creation.

This piece of textile art can be read as a clock face and features human and animals as the seasons, the winds, the rivers the sun and the moon. It may have been a wall hanging or a luxurious carpet, we don't know, but it is a rare work of embroidery from the XI century. Needlework is a delicate and time consuming activity and for this reason it is thought to be the work of nuns or the noble women of Girona with plenty of time in their hands for such a divine task.

So next time you are in town go to the cathedral, recreate your own walk of shame and enjoy the tale of the creation. No need to stay for mass.

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