Visiting Dalí: a personal affair.

It seems like I am on a trip down memory lane of late...

Like most Spanish families in the 80's we used to spend the summer holidays by the Mediterranean sea and thus la Costa Brava would become our playground for few weeks. One of my usual treats was going to the Dalí Theatre_mUseum. I doubt my parents' interest stretched beyond the first visit but hey! I loved the place. It was fun and quirky full of crazy objects that made my imagination fly.

I recently spent time with two good friends visiting from Brazil. They have done gay Sitges, Gaudí Barcelona and now it was time for Dalí Figueres. I excitedly told them how great and magical the experience would be and my partner Keith and I joined the trip.

Well, the place it is exactly as I remember: full of quirky and crazy objects . Or put simply, full of things. This time as an adult it resembled more a good vintage shop than anything else. You will not find exquisite taste and fine materials here. Not even Dalí best paintings are exhibited here. The building, the former town theatre, is not of any architectural interest either...

However, it is all a very personal affair. Dalí considered this theatre-museum, as he called it, his last art work and everything you will find here was owned, commissioned or liked by him. It was arranged according to his particular taste, transforming all the things and objects inside into the furnishings of his mind. So when you enter this theatre-museum you are entering Dalí's head. Meanwhile his body, recently exhumated, lies there in the centre of what used to be the stage, as it should be. And, to be honest, that is all quite genious and surreal. As it should be.

Dalís tomb.

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