A vintage paradise: from antique to kitsch

Be it because some unexpected event or because the main family figure dies and none of the children want to take care of the family home, places like this happen.

A grand country house, abandoned, go in, turn the lights on with the palomilla switchers and you will see life from another time, standing still under the dust. Books in shelves, postcards and handwritten notes in drawers, sleepers in the wardrobe... Everything remains in their original position. Eery.

It is the best museum, a vintage paradise and a very interesting run throw the history of home decor.

China animal figurines, shiny by the varnish probably applied in the 30's next to XIX.c. ladies posing happy to be fashionable again in the 60's.

Carved glas bottles that once contained imported spirits and local aguardientes, drank usually by the men of the house and occasionally by the women with the excuse of a toothache. Maybe it was the the alcohol resposible for some of the decoration choices; that sponge brush holder...

And those beds. Several rooms housing grand isabeline beds on which, no matter how tired, I would not dare to sit nor lay.

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