The ugly, the crazy and the beauty.

Born in Japan in the 50's, reactionary to the western forms of ballet, breaking away from the upward movements and the symmetry, butoh allowed the dancer to curve their spine and get closer to the ground, to twist their face and enjoy the ugliness that is inside all of us.

When the body is a tool we choose not to control we can let inner thoughts, feelings and concepts erupt to the surface in a pure form. No need to spell them out with movement and gestures; it is expressive, metaphorical and non literal.

It values the silence as much as the noise, stretches the time and reduces the spaces. A butoh body dances with the soul, the veins and the cells. At times frantic and at times meditative, uses big movemets and tiny shakes, action and stillness to create images that go from the beautiful to the grotesque.

Butoh happens when the body, the soul and the universe either fight or hold hands but they all remain part of the same dance.

Tatsumi Hijikata

Kazuo Ohno

Sankai Juku

Maureen Fleming

Imre Thormann

Minako Seki

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