Digital Sarees

The first project by the KKA label was the rework of the traditional Indian saree for the modern working woman.

Keith embraced his Indian origins and used his knowledge on textiles and Indian clothing to create vibrant sarees in silk, printed digitally with patterns inspired on the traditional looms.

To create these contemporary designs Keith used vector lines on the computer and treated them as you would treat them in a loom, "weaving" them digitally.

Although sarees are usually richly decorated Keith's designs are simpler and easier to wear in the professional settings of current India. The limited edition 5-metre-long sarees are not only a more abbreviated version of their traditional cousins but they are also made from an elastine-silk blend, allowing them to wrap snugly around the body, while the blouses fit like sports tops.

The collection was premiered at Bungalow 8, in Mumbai, and it proved a critical success in the Indian and London Fashion Week.

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Keith Khan saree collection at Bungalow 8, Mumbai, India.

Keith Khan presents his collection of saris at London Fashion Week. In silk and digitally printed they are a contemporary approach to the classic piece of clothing.

Video by Haider Zafar, Edu Torres (Photographer), Sara Tesouro (Assistant), Liaqat Rasul (Stylist), Alex Szabo (Hair), Paula Valencia (Make-up) MODELS: Radha Brahmbhatt & Laura Diviu

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