“The work I produce is inspired by the palimpsest of Caribbean culture. Ignoring the Caribs and Arawaks, the colonisers, Spanish, Dutch and English, traded people from India and Africa. My family was part of this. Sometimes the work I make is artistic, from Caribbean and colonial themes, other with very clear stories to create access. I use syncreticism, hiding images and forms with one another, like nesting Russian dolls.       A simple example: the triangle is a resonant symbol with slavery and the LBGTQ+ people.”


Khan has a large body of design work, from shows and projects and drawings influenced by his Caribbean roots. Many of these drawings are now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. 


Khan has directed and designed numerous theatre shows and festivals . The shows are characterised by strong visuals and accessible soundtracks and stories. “Alladeen”, created with the Builder´s Association in New York, won an OBIE for Outstanding Production. “Moti Roti, Puttli Chunni” won a Time Out Dance and Performance Award.


Khan works with the printed, painted and constructed surface 


Outreach, education and inclusiveness have underpinned a number of projects. Khan became Head of Culture of the London Olympics and Paralympic Games and Chief Executive of Rich Mix because of his beliefs in culture and community. 


The moving image, drawn, photograpghic, projected live and digital. Film and the moving image has been both a stand alone and an intergral component of artworks. Performances have narrative media elements or have incorporated large scale projections. Commissioned films include ¨Sweet and Spicy¨ and “Chayatantra” to be distributed by the BFI in the summer of 2020, and “Z” presented by the Live Arts Development Agency, London. 

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“What was most striking about Alladeen was its use of video technology to create an inhabitable world for the actors: not since Jerome Sirlin’s spectacular use of film and multiple projection for stage shows in the 1980’s have I seen anything quite so innovatively striking” John Rockwell, The International Herald Tribune.