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In China, red is the colour of happiness and prosperity. 


Red is used profusely in Chinese restaurants and the Chinese New Year.


During celebrations, Chinese children are dressed in red to express the happines of having been brought to this world.


Red is associated with comunism. During the Cultural Revolution the country was known as Red China and revolutionary students formed the army of Red Guards.


Brides in China get married in bright red dresses.


In India, brides also get married in red and decorate their arms and feet with red henna elaborated designs.


For Indians red signifies love, purity and fertility. 


Red is worn by Lakshmi, Vishnu's consort and goddess of wealth and prosperity.


A red bindi on the forehead or red kumkum powder on the hair partition of a Hindu woman, establishes her married status. Before leaving for work, wifes make a red mark on their husband's forehead for good luck and success. 

The current life expectancy for China is 77.30 years.

The current life expectancy for China is 70.80 years.

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